Mobile App Child Privacy Class Action Settlements

McDonald v. Kiloo A/S, Case No. 3:17-4344-JD; Rushing v. The Walt Disney Company, Case No. 3:17-4419-JD; Rushing v. ViacomCBS Inc., Case No. 3:17-4492-JD

In the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division

Separate class action settlements (the “Settlements”) have been reached with 15 Defendants affecting parents and guardians of children, including teens, who have played certain games on smartphones and other mobile devices. The Settlements resolve three separate lawsuits alleging that Defendants used or allowed tracking technology included in various mobile gaming apps played by children, including teens, to serve them targeted advertisements. Defendants deny the allegations in the lawsuits, and the Court has not made a determination regarding Plaintiffs’ allegations.

In each Settlement, the Defendant agrees to implement or continue certain business practices for covered gaming apps on mobile devices. The Settlements do not provide money compensation to the class members, and class members do not release any claims for monetary damages. Class Counsel will request that the Court award them reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses as compensation for their obtaining Defendants’ agreements to make certain changes to their business practices.

You are not required to take any action. The Notice further explains the litigation, each Settlement, and how you may comment or object to any of the Settlements, if you want. Each of the 15 Defendants either creates or publishes mobile gaming apps or works with game publishers to provide or assist in providing advertisements within the apps. The 15 Defendants are listed on the Settlements page, including a link to the settlement agreement with each Defendant where you can learn more about that settlement.

Your Rights May Be Affected by the Settlements

If you are the parent or guardian of children, including teens, who have played any of the apps at issue, your rights may be affected by one or more of these Settlements. You do not have to take any action to receive the benefits of the Settlements.

If approved by the Court, the Settlement(s) applicable to you will affect your right to seek injunctive, declaratory and other non-monetary equitable relief against each Defendant who is party to the Settlement(s) applicable to you for the alleged practices at issue in these Actions. The Settlements will not affect your right, if any, to seek monetary relief from any of the Defendants. You may obtain copies of each Settlement Agreement and related court filings, including the Attorneys’ Fees Application, by downloading them on the Settlements and Court Documents pages, or by making a written request to Mobile App Child Privacy Settlements, c/o Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103, or emailing, or by voicemail request at the toll-free number (833) 854-6577.

Important Information About the Settlements
Date to file an Objection or Comment on the settlement

November 20, 2020

Date of the Final Hearing

December 17, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.

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